Openet Puts Parents in Charge of Smartphones

January 17, 2012 - Openet

Openet, a leading provider of Service Optimization Software (SOS) to tier-one communications service providers, today announced a significant update to the Openet Parental Controls solution. The solution, which leverages Openet’s leading Policy and Charging Controls (PCC) suite, enables parents to protect their children from cyber-bullying and other unsafe behavior by managing their mobile usage and monitoring their mobile activity directly from a smart device.

The ubiquity of smartphones exposes children to a variety of risks. These include cyber-bullying, exposure to inappropriate content, excessive usage and device use unsuitable for a time of day or for an activity. Openet’s Parental Controls solution enables parents to define a variety of boundaries for children's use of a mobile device, which are then enforced by the network.

These capabilities provide peace of mind for parents—no small benefit in a networked world without any means of directly monitoring access and blocking threats to children. Strong demand for these services also benefits carriers through reduced churn and new revenue opportunities.


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