Openet leads policy market with VoLTE support

May 22, 2012 - Openet

Openet, the global leader of integrated Policy and Charging Control (PCC) software for tier one network operators, today announced successful tier one PCC deployments supporting Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services. Openet’s market leading suite of policy and charging products deliver the advanced Quality of Service (QoS) control and flexible charging required to implement VoLTE at scale in tier one mobile networks.

To date, a tier one operator in North America has deployed Openet to support its VoLTE services, while a technology Proof of Concept has been delivered to a VoLTE carrier serving the Canadian market, furthering Openet’s leading position in the PCC market. A second North American tier one deployment and a trial with an Asia Pacific tier one carrier will begin later this year.

“Wireless operators must contend with increased network complexity and growing demand for data services," said Openet CTO Joe Hogan. “Openet's industry leading Policy and Charging Control software plays a vital role in the successful introduction of VoLTE services by minimizing operator's cost and complexity while ensuring subscribers are delivered the best experience for their money."Click here to find out more!

Delivering profitable VoLTE services requires a deep integration between Policy and Charging functions. To ensure a high quality, the policy management system needs to dynamically manage unpredictable mobile resources associated with each VoLTE call, while simultaneously ensuring the charge is based on voice call rates rather than data consumption.

Openet’s Policy and Charging Control provides this integrated functionality through a standards compliant (3GPP and GSMA VoLTE) solution that enables configuration of quality and charging policies through a central logic system, Decision Core. Once Openet PCC is deployed and configured, VoLTE and other IMS applications can be enabled through a single Decision Core command, greatly simplifying the deployment process.


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