Openet Launches First Big Data Preparation Engine for CSPs

February 29, 2016 - Openet

Openet, the leading supplier of real-time BSS and customer engagement systems today launches a new big data product, Openet’s Big Data Preparation Engine (BDPE) that is designed to extract value out of big data and deliver meaningful business intelligence in real-time for communication service providers (CSPs).

According to Openet, a recent independent survey of over 1500 telecoms professionals saw most (54%) admitting that their organizations are not making good, valuable use of big data. Yet at the same time, 76% say that big data gives them a competitive edge.

In the same survey, the importance of big data being available in real-time to improve existing systems was highlighted. 97% of the respondents said that using big data to automatically trigger events to provide proactive network maintenance by identifying network issues in real-time is an important or very important feature of big data. A further 96% said the same for triggering proactive customer care based on network performance and customer experience.

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