Openet launches cloud native digital enablement platform

November 8, 2017 - Aleks

DUBLIN, Ireland – October 25 2017: Openet, a global leader in the supply of digital BSS and customer engagement systems, has announced the launch of Openet Forge – Digital Enablement Platform. Designed to enable service providers to have a more agile and faster approach to digital transformation, Openet Forge provides a real alternative to legacy monolithic BSS systems. It provides the agility and openness that can remove the shackles of big vendor lock-in.

Designed for the Telco Cloud, the Openet Forge Platform uses cloud native microservices and is DevOps ready. This delivers the agility that digital service providers need and includes:

Cloud nativemicroservices - By decomposing key software functions as micro-services, systems can more easily be adapted, upgraded and scaled. This greatly reduces deployment time and complexity and enables smaller ‘bite size’ solutions to be delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional BSS. DevOps readyarchitecture- A cloud native micro services based architecture enables a DevOps approach to increase business efficiency and agility to meet the rapidly changing business needs of digital service providers.

“The evolution to digital means change at a speed we’ve never known in the traditional telecoms industry," said Karl Whitelock, Global Director Strategy - Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics and Monetization (ODAM), Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan. "Openet has long been a solid real-time BSS provider and Forge takes them to the next level, by offering service providers a cost effective and agile approach for upgrading their IT systems to digital services readiness.”

Joe Hogan, Openet Founder and CTO commented, “Openet’s heritage is developing carrier grade real-time systems and we were the first vendor to virtualize our policy and charging systems. The Openet Forge Platform is the result of over four years of investment to build a system specifically for digital services. Designed for the Telco Cloud, it provides a common deployment framework for all Openet solutions supporting a high performance environment for Openet’s modular software”.

Niall Norton, Openet CEO commented, “We have and continue to invest in evolving the technology that we provide to our customers and are happy to be expanding rather than replacing the technology portfolio that our customers can leverage. The Forge platform is a new way for our customers to do their business better and to allow them get to profits faster by enabling web-type deployment and management methods”.

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