Openet Introduces RAN Solution for Wireless Network Congestion

July 2, 2010 - Openet

By Anuradha Shukla

Openet, a specialist in transaction management and event processing solutions and which offers subscriber optimization software that can supply Transactional Intelligence, has launched its Radio Access Network Congestion solution.

Bolstered by the FusionWorks Policy Manager, another key offering of Openet (News - Alert), RAN is able to help leverage technology to aid in forecasting network congestion, in order to help operators make management decisions—often in real-time—in support of exceptional subscriber experience.
Given the state of many wireless environments nowadays, wireless operators must properly manage the subscriber experience instead of simply resorting to such stopgap solutions as continuously adding capacity. Such solutions may only be temporary, as consumers typically increase usage to match any increase in capacity, and may thus not be very cost-efficient. This, combined with the fact that usage patterns and traffic profiles are dynamic, makes it all too necessary for operators to actively manage data transmission bottlenecks.
In support of these necessary initiatives, the RAN Congestion solution incorporates both policy management capabilities with network forecasting features. It uses advanced forecasting functionality and augments topology awareness to help operators optimize network performance.
Through using this solution, operators can be able to determine the allocation of particular resources to subscribers so that they can work to ensure a higher-quality experience to congested areas. By doing so, operators can eliminate potential problems stemming from congestion before subscribers become affected.
Mike Manzo, CMO of Openet, said that as the demand for mobile data continues to increase, wireless operators would be constantly challenged in order to ensure that their customers do not suffer from network congestion.
Manzo said that Openet’s RAN Congestion solution confers proactive management capabilities, including real-time troubleshooting and traffic forecasting, on operators of wireless networks. This, he said, helps enable operators to ensure topnotch quality for all subscribers while being able to prioritize revenue-generating transactions.
Openet was in news recently for launching FusionWorks Profile Manager.


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