Openet introduces data network congestion solution

February 14, 2013 - Openet

As mobile operators continue to grapple with heavy data usage, Openet has designed a new radio access network (RAN) congestion solution designed to forecast network congestion so that operators can make real-time traffic management decisions before the subscriber experience is impacted.

In short, the solution plays into the whole idea surrounding levels of service a subscriber is paying for. Openet's solution not only recognizes real-time subscriber behaviors but enforces the policies that enable them to prioritize customers during the peak times of usage. Therefore, premium customers would have priority access during busy times in the network.
The congestion solution works within the IP core to direct traffic management and helps operators manage transmission bottlenecks. When the RAN Congestion Solution is combined with Openet's FusionWorks Policy Manager, operators are able to determine whether resources are allocated appropriately to subscribers, including the deployment of policy controls such as monthly fair usage, busy-hour fair usage and throttling of services.


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