Openet challenges BSS/OSS competitors to think holistically

September 29, 2010 - Openet

Openet is hoping to gain attention by coining what it believes is a new category of software it dubs “Subscriber Optimization Software (SOS).” In SOS, Openet aims to bring together four inter-related markets that have traditionally been segmented: mediation, subscriber data management, policy management and real-time charging.

As stated by Michael Manzo, Openet CMO: "The case for the SOS category is clear: by unifying related markets, vendors can service interconnected pain points with integrated solutions. With this initiative, we can begin the change necessary to preserve operators' value in the market, as over-the-top content and application providers threaten the ecosystem.
He and others at Openet even issued a “call to action” to competitors to think holistically about SOS in an effort to help operators maximize ROI from technology.
The speaks to the “unification” trend to which we alluded last week, as vendors gear up to provide operators unified suites that address multiple areas across previously siloed product categories. The goal of such efforts is to help operators further integrate and realize operational efficiencies, rather than continuously paying to cobble together solutions.
Openet broke out the fragments into two key areas: full suites that work to address the needs and point solutions that target specific areas.
To go beyond either of those vendor segments, Openet claims it has and will continue to enhance its product development strategy to focus on “SOS” and building applications that answer specific needs, such as Fair Usage and Tiered Service Controls.
Additionally, Openet said it plans to continue evolving its platforms to address every subscriber across all functions under the SOS umbrella.
In preparation of this strategy, Openet announced the expansion of its management team in July 2010, augmenting its product group with a new professional services team. The overall goal is to help service providers by providing crucial subscriber insight and visibility for sophisticated network control and an improved end-user experience via subscriber-facing applications, the company said.


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