Openet bows new subscriber data management offering

May 11, 2010 - Openet

Openet has introduced its Subscriber Data Management (SDM) platform, which was designed to aggregate back office and consumption data across various networks and services.

By using Openet’s FusionWorks Convergent Mediation Product to aggregate subscriber data, Openet said its SDM solution is an umbrella architecture that enables a wide array of subordinate business intelligence and analytics solutions.
Openet said its SDM product aggregates, normalizes, cleanses and warehouses subscriber data from back office systems and service consumption data from network infrastructure and makes it available to business intelligence applications and service delivery platforms through a centralized, real-time subscriber profile.
Meanwhile, at The Cable Show this week in Los Angeles, Openet is demonstrating its eWallet product with new itaas-developed applications that were designed to upsell cable subscribers in real time.
The Cable Show demonstration features a new, real-time sports package ordering and fulfillment application and a premium channel upsell application.
The demonstrations were designed to show how operators can offer complete interactive fulfillment and upsell offerings, and how subscribers can purchase new programming packages immediately onscreen.


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