Openet boosts policy management to new level

April 4, 2011 - Openet

Openet has released a new version of its policy management software, incorporating what the company considers to be several critical upgrades.

Openet Policy Manager 4.0 has what the company is calling an enhanced decision core – a flexible logic engine that enables operators to rapidly deploy and easily adjust policy rules.

Also upgraded is the configuration interface, which now allows users to apply more robust logic to policy control options Click here!. The new version also enables the definition of complex multi-variable policy decisions with input from external systems such as charging, contextual analysis and profile information.

Other features include:

  • Greater support for subscriber and service monetization and control through enhanced dynamic assignment of usage and QoS attributes
  • Improved, pre-populated configuration options for easier administration
  • Pre-populated default configuration for supported rules enforcement functions
  • Support for operator agility and interoperability goals
  • Flexibility to swap out enforcement points, reducing vendor lock-in
  • Robust, expanded support for next-generation networks and services, including LTE and IMS, through extended support for application layer interaction (via the Rx interface)
  • Supports application-aware business models
  • Incorporates IMS voice (VoIP), video and online gaming services support (for example, Skype and Netflix)
  • Manages authorization for application-requested QoS

"First-generation policy management is long gone," said Michael Manzo, CMO of Openet. "Today's policy management solutions need to be flexible and easy to configure while providing a clear path to app monetization. Openet Policy Manager 4.0 provides all of these things while working hand in glove with Openet's real-time profile and convergent charging capabilities, providing the trifecta of functionality required to truly harness the power of SOS."


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