Openet Announces new Loyalty and Promotions Solution

March 23, 2011 - Openet

Openet, a provider of Subscriber Optimization Software (SOS) to telecom and media service providers, announced the expansion of its Loyalty Programs solution to include a promotions management and in-session promotion decision engine.

With the real-time promotions functionality, Openet's new Loyalty and Promotions Solution enables service providers to drive targeted revenue creation and reduce churn through real-time interaction with subscribers.

The main advantage of the new solution is that it brings campaign creation tools to telecom and media service providers. It enables development of targeted, rewards-based campaigns based on real-time subscriber behavior, historical usage and subscriber profile data.

Businesses can target promotions to subscribers based on specific profile criteria such as gender, age and interests. Organizations can run programs any specified length of time. The solution can also notify operators and users when reward levels are reached, driving additional usage.

“Targeted promotions can go a long way in driving subscriber adoption of new services, and this engine goes one step further by enabling operators to cultivate and maintain loyalty through customized programs,” said Michael Manzo, CMO of Openet, in a statement.

“By providing transparency into subscriber behavior and creating custom campaigns based on targeted data, operators can become smarter while serving happier subscribers. This drives revenue, longevity and market traction – a must for today's service providers,” Manzo added.

The GUI-based promotion and loyalty program system is designed to offer non-technical users, such as marketing managers, to define and modify complex promotion campaigns. This enables operators to quickly react to market results.

Recently, Openet announced it has been upgraded to Preferred Solution Developer status within the mobile packet core technology category in the Cisco Developer Network.

Openet’s Policy Manager, Convergent Charging, Network Edge Rating, Balance Manager, Profile Manager and Convergent Mediation products have completed interoperability testing with Cisco network platforms.


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