Openet Announces Intelligent Video Management Solution

September 14, 2011 - Openet

Openet has launched an 'Intelligent Video Management Solution', which incorporates video management into a holistic network policy.

The solution differentiates between sources of video content, including content from over-the-top (OTT) providers, assesses delivery optimisation based on subscriber plans and network needs, and enables operators to create new partner business models with content providers.

Video content currently represents up to 50 percent of Internet traffic according to Cisco’s Global Data Forecast, and this number is growing. To manage the pressure video places on the network, operators have traditionally implemented video optimisation solutions independent of the policy management platform that reduce traffic on individual nodes.

However, these node-specific policies local to the video optimisation solution are not synchronised as part of a larger policy management strategy for video—in fact, video optimization and policy management solutions are often deployed separately. Openet’s Intelligent Video Management Solution enables cohesive policy management across the entire network, including individual nodes designed to optimise video traffic.

As operators invest in video optimisation elements, the ability to recognise and prioritise premium content while interoperating with external gateways is critical. The Intelligent Video Management Solution can dynamically set longer or shorter buffers for high priority video services.

Additionally, the solution can immediately detect device type and capabilities, such as whether a phone can deliver high-definition content. This enables operators to leverage policy to deliver the best content relative to both the user and to the network, ensuring a more consistent quality of experience.


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