Openet announces Global Availability of Free of Charge NFV Software

April 6, 2016 - Openet

Openet’s NFV software, named Weaver, is now available to operators, system integrators and VNF/NFV vendors as a community edition.

NFV will see the need to manage carrier grade production solutions across distributed systems at scale. These multi-vendor solutions will also feature a rapid evaluation of features and functions in VNF services leading to significant operational complexity. Weaver helps reduce this complexity.

Weaver works to upgrade software and/or configurations within the existing VM (virtual machines) instead of simply creating new VM instances. This is key to supporting efficient in-service VNF management, and greatly reduces the operational time and complexity.

Deployments that manage VNFs only at the VM level operate with coarse control and significant blind spots. Weaver, in contrast, provides superior fine grain control and visibility over the deployed VNFs, resulting in deployment that is not only faster but also more robust and less error prone.

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Weaver is available for download at


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