Openet and IBM to deliver cloud services for telecommunications providers

October 21, 2010 - Openet

Openet, provider of Subscriber Optimisation Software (SOS) to tier one communications and media service providers, today announced it is teaming with IBM to promote telecom and media service provider solutions. The partnership includes an array of initiatives, the first of which is IBM’s service provider cloud solution initiative. Openet is a key partner to IBM in this project, providing software components that enable service providers to monetise and report against the delivery of cloud services to their customers as part of the IBM cloud services solution architecture.

Along with IBM’s cloud initiative, the collaboration includes Openet's utilisation of IBM software and hardware capabilities to deploy solutions directly to service providers, and a variety of joint marketing activities.

Openet has also been certified as a vendor within IBM's Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE). This certification validates that Openet interoperates with key elements of the IBM telecom software solution stack. SPDE enables operators to bring new, innovative, revenue-generating multimedia, data and content services to market faster, easier and at a minimal cost.

“Openet’s partnership with IBM is one of several important pillars for us as we drive towards leading the Subscriber Optimisation Software category now and in the future,” said Niall Norton, chief executive officer of Openet. “This partnership provides the vital platforms and technology required to deliver SOS-based solutions, as well as the means to increase our global sales and marketing reach. Similarly, this partnership is also vital to IBM in a number of initiatives to increase market share within the communications and media service provider markets.”

Openet and IBM have been working together for more than a year, completing technology integration and certifications, and creating joint marketing programs. Today’s announcement by IBM of its cloud services solution architecture illustrates the scope and importance of the alliance to the market.

“Communications Services Providers are looking for new ways to deliver differentiated services to their customers,” said Rick Qualman, vice president of strategy and business development, IBM Telecommunications Industry. “The combination of Openet and IBM technologies can accelerate time to market and monetisation of these services for our joint clients.”


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