Openet and Huawei Announce Mobile Broadband Research Partnership for Huawei’s mLAB

August 16, 2012 - Openet

Openet has become the latest firm to collaborate with communications technology solution provider Huawei in a bid to explore new business models for operators in the mobile broadband (MBB) era.

Both companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which will see them work together to look for new opportunities in the telecommunications market.

Openet, a high-performance transaction management software company, will team up with Huawei's mLAB facility, with both firms hoping that they can create new business models that will allow operators to optimise network resources and increase sales revenues.

The mLAB is a research laboratory specialising in MBB solutions, which is designed to help industry players work more closely together.

Apollo Guy, Openet global vice-president for alliances, said of the MoU agreement: "Openet is pleased to work with Huawei in mLAB.

"This joint effort will give us the opportunity to complement each other in the areas both are best. We will be able to effectively explore and hatch future MBB business models."


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