NFV Implementation and Integration

January 12, 2016 - Openet

CSPs are looking to become leaner and more agile organisations. With this comes an increased focus on the reduction of CapEx and OpEx budgets – where network-function virtualisation (NFV) can play a major role by enabling CSPs to turn up services in minutes rather than months.

But, for those CSPs looking at the potential of NFV it’s important to examine how it impacts BSS, as many existing network operations models and OSS/BSS systems are not prepared for emerging new technologies like NFV.

It is easy to forget that the technology is less than 3 years old. During this time, the industry has made sufficient advances that now allow standard business servers using virtualised functions handle the data throughput needed. The rapid evolution of open standards and the fact that all the major equipment vendors now embrace them has caused a seismic shift away from proprietary systems, towards the creation of ecosystems that enable multiple vendors to collaborate on end to end solutions. The significant engagement of operators with such ecosystems has allowed a range of PoCs and trials to be successfully completed, such as OPNNFV and OpenDaylight.

Recently, Openet was involved in the showcase of an ETSI proof of concept demonstration of real-time OSS/BSS running on a virtualised environment. The aim was to show how NFV concepts can be applied to OSS/BSS to deliver on the business benefits and improved customer experience that it promises, brought by increased system agility, faster time to market, reduced TCO, increased elasticity and greater service availability.

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