The Move to Multi-Play: The Need for Smarter Customer Engagement

January 12, 2016 - Openet

The ability to know when to engage with a specific customer to make a specific offer requires the use of a combination of historical business intelligence and real- time streaming analytics. Looking at an example, a customer could be a heavy Facebook user who drops off usage around day 24 of their billing cycle every month. This is probably due to concerns about overage charges and not using up their quota. So the opportunity is there for the operator to send a personalized offer to sell a 500MB Facebook only pass valid for seven days for say, US$5, when the customer accesses Facebook on day 23 of the billing cycle. Or if an operator sees that someone spends a lot of time streaming music and has a high churn propensity score, why not offer then one month free Spotify Premium (assuming the operator has a partnership with Spotify), the next time they start listening to a streaming music service

With an increasing number of telecoms operators moving into the new world of multi-play services they should be in a perfect position to increase profits by tapping into their existing customer base and upselling new services. Sounds simple. And perhaps in the old days it was. But not any longer, and if operators are going to look at investing in multi-play offers then there’s one major asset that they need to better manage. Customer base – The most important asset an operator has. 

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