Kapsch deploy Openet Policy Manager for Telekom Austria

April 2, 2012 - Openet

Telekom Austria Group has selected Austrian communication network infrastructure provider Kapsch CarrierCom to integrate the Openet Policy Manager across six operating companies in Eastern Europe. The deal was primed by Kapsch, and the company will serve as the system integrator and provide regional complimentary services and support for the service.

The six network operators will gain from spam attack detection and bill shock prevention as well as the implementation of requirements related to roaming regulation. As the leading Policy Control and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) vendor, Openet offers Telekom Austria Group existing use cases. The deployment of Openet's Policy Manager product will go live this year and makes it possible for approximately 19 million mobile subscribers to gain from services that will enhance customer experience.

The roll out to operators will take place in the countries of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Serbia, and Slovenia. This PCRF implementation will require the Openet Policy Manager to integrate with the mobile packet core nodes, which is a key area of expertise for Kapsch.


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