It’s Time to Embrace the Change Virtualization Brings

March 3, 2014 - Aleks

The programmable network is a term we use to describe where we feel mobile networks need to go. The programmable network makes use of NFV and SDN and enables centralized control of a network and its services, as well as increasing the ability of an operator to innovate with new services. These principles can be used to create a network that is cheaper, easy to manage and fundamentally allows mobile networks to adapt to any environment. Virtualization is at the core of this vision for future networks. It is absolutely essential that virtualization be adopted in the correct manner to enable these future networks. Without virtualization (or if it is done poorly), many of these improvements will fall flat.

Both SDN and NFV are enabling technologies for creating the programmable network and, to varying degrees, these build on virtualization – all of which should be tightly linked/combined for greater effect. The programmable network should enable true innovation as well as ease of configuration and management. In essence, the network becomes a resource for new services to be created.


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