Irish Firm to manage iPad payments for US network

June 11, 2010 - Openet

IRISH COMPANY Openet has announced the roll-out of a flexible data payment system for Apple’s iPad on a major US carrier, believed to be ATT.

The company manages the transaction process that users are guided through when activating their iPad’s 3G connection and allows the network to provide fixed and ad hoc data packages.
Prepay and pay as you go options are available to users and the system is flexible enough to allow for more tailored plans in the future.
For example, users could pay for just a set amount of connection time, a small data allowance or even for access to specific sites only.
“The initial roll-out will be followed by a series of innovative roll-outs post event,” said Niall Norton, chief executive officer of Openet.
“What has gone out to the public at first was a very straightforward few choices of how you wanted to manage your account; what will happen later this year is that the options will become more sophisticated.”
The company provides similar solutions for a number of US and international carriers and this flexible system also works on other 3G devices, including smartphones and USB dongles.


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