IP&TV Industry Awards preview – Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV

March 16, 2011 - Openet

IP&TV Industry Awards preview - Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV

With just one week left until this year's IP&TV Industry Awards, IPTV News takes a look at the shortlisted nominees for another of the most popular categories: Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV.

United Arab Emirates telco du has been nominated for its Video on Demand platform, which enables subscribers to its IPTV services 'du TV' and 'du TV+' to browse through a catalogue of movies including Arabic cinema, Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood movies and classic movies, as well as film trailers.

"People continue watching linear TV, but the introduction of on-demand offerings is changing customer behaviour," said Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer at du. "When TV is delivered through an IP network, be it the Internet or a private network, a unique one-to-one bi-directional relationship is created between the service provider and the end user. This has opened up a world of new services targeting segmented audiences."

Espial has been nominated for its Evo TV Service Platform, which provides an open, extensible, portable, scalable and network-agnostic TV services platform that allows operators to quickly get to market with the compelling on-demand TV services that their customers demand. The Evo TV Service Platform is based on a client-server architecture (Evo Client/Evo Server) and includes optional toolkits and adapters. Evo Server resides on the head-end and interacts with ecosystem components via the network. Evo Client resides on the STB and provides the user interface experience and interaction for all TV services.

"We’re truly excited to have been selected," said Kirk Edwardson, Director of Marketing at Espial. "Our IPTV middleware platform has some unique capabilities that are proven out with our two lead customers – Tele2 Netherlands and Com Hem. These two customers demonstrate our platform’s ability to work in both a pure IPTV environment and in a hybrid DVB-IP environment."

Huawei's IPTV Service Delivery Platform is a middleware back-office architecture and portal infrastructure which provides the core services functionality of an IPTV solution, whilst easing all processes in delivering innovative services that extend beyond traditional TV and pay-per-view services to subscribers through the network of telco and MSO operators. The platform enables operators to build a digital entertainment cloud and facilitate service innovation by combining video (IPTV, VOD, PVR, etc.), communication (Voice, Video, IM, etc.) and interactive multimedia services (games, SMS, online shop, adverts etc.) in order to deliver a compelling experience and increase revenues.

"Huawei's IPTV Service Delivery Platform offers a future-oriented open platform based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) which enables operators to introduce new services into their IPTV implementations and integrate various back office systems easily," said Lance Lin, VP of Huawei Software. "Huawei’s SDP approach is core to the company’s IPTV solution set, acting as a key integration point for introducing additional services, such as messaging, Web services and applications."

Openet has been nominated for its Content Anywhere solution, which enables multichannel video providers to address today’s connected lifestyle with content entitlement control, real-time cross platform capabilities, and personalised advertising and propositions, allowing operators to integrate an intelligent and highly scalable solution into legacy networks to provide seamless viewing capabilities across multiple channels.

"To generate revenue and remain competitive, it is vital that operators innovate," said Michael Manzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Openet. "They must provide compelling reasons for consumers to avoid seeking free content from alternative sources.  Our Content Anywhere solution delivers on the vision of TV Everywhere by offering operators the ability to distribute video content via any platform. With this solution operators can offer a personalised experience by enabling customers to create settings based on their individual preferences and increase ARPU through targeted advertising and offering relevant promotions."

Vodafone has been shortlisted for its Vodafone TV platform, a sophisticated new hybrid broadcast/IPTV end-to-end content delivery system which launched in the German market at the end of 2010. The set-top box supports both digital satellite and analogue cable tuners and give access free-to-air broadcast TV services, allowing customers to take their existing TV service and complement it with the full suite of additional services and functionality, including PVR and up to 6,000 hours of on-demand content, all accessed using an innovative and intuitive user interface.

"We believe that delivery of video over IP needs to enhance the TV experience of our customers through additional features and possibilities, not necessarily replace their current TV reception," said Diego Massidda, Director of Video and Connected Home at Vodafone. "So we have developed a service which leverages existing broadcast technology to deliver the most popular linear channels, while complementing it with delivery over IP of additional content and interactive functionalities. This allows us to offer the service to all our customers, irrespective of bandwidth.  Additionally, we intended to set a new standard in the quality of the customer experience, and I believe we have achieved this through our brand new, user friendly and classy user interface."


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