Intune to showcase web programmable telecom network

May 20, 2011 - Openet

Packet optical transport technology provider Intune Networks, transactional intelligence system provider Openet and BSS/OSS provider Amartus will present their collaboration of the Exemplar Network: Dynamic Desktop. Exemplar Network: Dynamic Desktop is a web programmable telecommunications network that enables operators to control and monetise their network bandwidth capacities using web based interfaces. The Exemplar Network was commissioned by the Irish Government to test and validate revenue generating services and applications that can utilise the nature of a web enabled network. The Exemplar Network, championed by BT, was built on Intune Networks' Verisma platform, along with service creation via Amartus' Service Commander and Openet's Policy and Charging Control platform to create a programmable network that provides real-time bandwidth control and service delivery. A network and service model that permits operators to use their infrastructure to deliver network bandwidth as a liquid pool of resources, allows them to charge, bill and control their services in real-time as required. This enables operators to support revenue and business models, such as spot trading and service passes. Intune Networks will show how operators can deploy and manage a network using a web based XML interface that allows them to create a virtualised network that addresses the problem that they face of supporting the bandwidth requirements placed on their network.


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