DPI, policy management alliances continue with Allot, Openet pairing

December 7, 2010 - Openet

Today, Allot announced a partnership with Openet for online policy management, geared toward mobile broadband providers. And back in September, I reported on how Allot was teaming with Broadhop—the former acting as an intelligent policy and charging enforcement function, or PCEF; the latter acting as a virtualized policy management application that acts as the policy and charging rules function, or PCRF.

So in today’s announcement, Allot continues to partner to further enhance its DPI capabilities with policy management.

At some point, many of the players in this space— Sandvine, Redknee, Bridgewater, Infovista, Tektronix (acquired Arbor Networks), and Camiant (now Tekelec)—have also announced integration with DPI vendors and other key partners. I expect there to continue to be more announcements in this vein—around policy and tiered billing as well as DPI and usage management—, in particular as the FCC seems closer to accepting that charging according to usage is necessary to sustain business models and ensure quality for the greater whole of consumers.

Now, service providers—particularly in mobile—seem to be moving ahead with plans to differentiate between content types and charging consumers according to their level and type of usage. With tiered pricing and more sophisticated policy controls, operators hope to not only address their impending bandwidth woes, but also their ability to meet QoS demands and SLAs.

Additionally, the integration of usage and capacity management and policy management will help mobile operators move toward more sophisticated advertising capabilities around different types of services, as they will be able to better qualify their audiences and their usage patterns for potential advertisers—important as operators think about how to generate revenue from mobile advertising. In preparation, companies like Openet, Bridgewater are enhancing their policy-management solutions to address things like audience measurement and addressable advertising to help operators monetize their ad inventories and deliver more personalized user experiences.


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