Digital World: Many hands make light work?

June 26, 2019 - Aleks

Digital World asked a range of industry professionals how collaboration in the IT space needs to develop. This is in terms of both how end user organisations need to get internal departments to work together to ensure faster and smarter new product and services development; and also how it is increasingly important for vendors to work together to provide hyperconvergence/integrated solutions which are ready to work 'out of the box'. Not to mention the importance of the supply chain working closely with the customer.

Martin Morgan, VP Marketing, Openet:

The IT space has long been a battlefield shared by vendors and their customers. Vendors have long sought dominance over this battlefield and as a result, many customers have found themselves using IT solutions and systems that are inflexible, hard to move, and costly to run. Thankfully, this is changing, and the industry is seeing more vendors and customers embrace the principles of collaboration.

IT companies simply can’t afford to stifle their rate of innovation due to vendor lock-in and costly systems that take months and years to upgrade, and that still falls short of a company’s needs. With the rapid rise of internet and web-scale companies, legacy IT companies are recognising the tangible benefits of adopting an open approach to technology development. They are understanding that new approaches such as DevOps and open source are the future of IT development and will be responsible for creating the solutions of tomorrow.

But while this realisation is a positive step forward for the IT industry, it cannot happen in one fell swoop, all of a sudden, all at once. Instead, it’s about changing mindsets, both vendors’ and customer organisations. IT companies need to understand the urgency of the landscape they find themselves in – new services need to be deployed quickly and seamlessly, as end-users constantly ask for more, faster, better services and solutions. This cultural shift should encourage a move away from bespoke, large-scale IT solutions that offer little flexibility, towards collaborative approaches that create ‘out of box’ solutions that can be easily implemented and integrated through the use of open APIs into existing technology stacks, without requiring a complete overhaul. To be successful, this approach will require strong partnerships, between vendors and with their customer organisations.

We’re already seeing the value of partnerships from a number of vendor companies who are partnering to create ‘out of box’ solutions that allow companies to quickly launch and monetise new services without needing to build new bespoke solutions or infrastructure. This level of partnership and collaboration is allowing different vendors to contribute their expertise and knowledge to build solutions that suit the needs of their current and prospective customers.

The current IT landscape is all about speed and efficiency. But IT companies simply won’t achieve the efficiency they need to survive by going it alone. They must form the right partnerships and encourage knowledge-sharing to push innovation forward and deliver the IT solutions the industry truly needs. 



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