The cook, the telco, the retailer and their customers

May 29, 2017 - Openet

Speakers at European Communications’ recent customer experience seminar said looking outside of the telecoms industry, simplification and focusing on staff are key to improving the service telcos provide.

Luka Baranovic, Director of Customer Experience Management at Croatia Telekom, explained why the first person he called when he took up his role at the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary was a chef.

“You have to learn customer experience from the industries that do it the best… that’s hospitality, that’s entertainment,” he said.

“The chef was a proven champion of experience design.

“There was very little discussion of the methods, the processes… it was all about customers as humans, the emotions.”

You can click here to watch Baranovic’s presentation

Jo Causon, CEO of the UK’s Institute of Customer Service, was another speaker who focused on the human aspect.

“The biggest lesson for a telco is thinking about what kind of a culture am I trying to develop,” she said.

“We know there is a direct correlation between high levels of employee engagement and high levels of customer satisfaction.”

You can click here to watch her presentation at the seminar on our YouTube channel.

Retailers are the top performing sector in the UK when it comes to customer experience, according to the Institute’s latest research.

Dan Moross, Director of Customer Experience at print provider, shared the four key ingredients to its approach, which includes a major focus on their staff.

“Making sure that the brand values and the mission of the company is communicated to employees when they start is really important,” he noted.

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