BSS – More Services in Less Time

April 14, 2014 - Aleks

There was a story going round the BSS conference circuit about a billing manager first learning of his company’s new telecoms offer when he saw the advert on TV. No one told him. The billing system was not set up to bill for this new offer, and marketing had gone off and launched a product and no-one has bothered to check if the billing system could actually bill for it. Thankfully inter departmental communications have advanced since then, and more than ever marketing teams in operators are getting interested in BSS. Not because they want to know how to configure a rate plan or set up real-time usage notifications. They want to know can BSS support new offers, can they support this new business model that they’re working on with new partners, and how quickly they can get these new ideas turned into products, get them out the door and generating revenue.


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