B/OSS’ Million-Dollar Quartet

June 11, 2010 - Openet

My V-8 moment at the B/OSS Conference this week in Washington D.C. came late in the afternoon on Thursday. With the remnants of a Boston Crème Pie cupcake sitting in my otherwise empty stomach, like some kind of ectoplasmic afterbirth and still hours away from a beer with which to wash it down, I was being treated to a deep-dive Policy Management Session led by Patrick Kelly, Research Director of Telecoms Software at Analysys Mason. The panel discussion included some real experts in the area of policy management. Some of the few folks with real world experience actually deploying it, even if on an elemental level.

These experts included Nigel Upton of HP, Allan Jerrett of Alcatel-Lucent, Parham Momtahan of Bridgewater Systems and Marc Price of Openet. It dawned on that we really should have been videotaping our sessions. The information was too good to limit to the attendees that day. The same goes with other sessions such as the one moderated by Elisabeth Rainge of IDC on Monetizing the Cloud and featuring Debra Osswald of IBM, Elizabeth TSE of Zuora, Sanjay Mewada of NEC NetCracker and Shannon Williams of startup Same for Dan Baker’s panel on Integrated Wireless Charging and Policy.
As we say in Chicago …We shoulda' been tapin’. Then again, maybe you shoulda been there.
Serious cloud adoption and Policy Control deployments are still years away, but only two rather than 10. So when this much brainpower coalesces into a passionate discussion, one always regrets not having the cameras rolling. Now I know how music producer Sam Phillips must have felt the day after Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash all played in his studio one day and he didn’t have the cameras rolling.
Live and learn.


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