BigBand, Concurrent, Incognito, Openet Announce Exhibit Plans for CableLabs Summer Conference

August 11, 2010 - Openet

A number of companies contacted [itvt] Tuesday to let us know about their exhibit plans for next week's CableLabs Summer Conference (takes place in Keystone, Colorado, August 15th-18th):

    * Digital video networking specialist, BigBand Networks, says that, as part of the Summer Conference's Innovation Showcase, it will demonstrate managed IP video delivery, using its vIP PASS platform to enable cable operators to deliver and monetize video to IP-enabled consumer devices in the home, leveraging existing network infrastructure. According to the company, its Innovation Showcase demo will feature: "managed video services delivery to a broad range of 'out-of-the-box' IP-enabled consumer electronic devices such as game consoles, PC's and mobile tablets; [the] ability to leverage existing switched digital video and narrowcasting technology to meet multiscreen video service demands with substantial time-to-market advantage; use of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) approach to access VOD, broadcast TV, and Internet video streams; and operational tools that combine RF and IP viewership, capacity management and transport."

    * VOD and advanced advertising solutions provider, Concurrent, says that it will demo end-to-end advanced advertising and media data collection and management solutions, which it bills as supporting industry-wide efforts to deliver a standardized platform for advanced advertising and interactive TV programming. "At the heart of Concurrent's MDAS [i.e. Media Data and Advertising] solution is the Centralized Data Warehouse (CDW)--a source- and vendor-agnostic, fully hosted, multi-media data management solution designed to offer a 360-degree view of linear, video-on-demand, DVR and ITV media consumption," the company states in its press materials. "CDW resolves the complex problems associated with the timely and accurate aggregation, data auditing, warehousing and management of viewership data across multiple platforms. It also opens new revenue opportunities and allows operators to better refine their own content strategies and better position their marketing and promotional activities. The ultimate goal is to not only reduce churn, but increase service usage and thus per-subscriber revenue." Concurrent claims to have 205 video systems deployed in cable and telecom markets worldwide that represent 22 million basic cable subscribers. The company says that its MDAS software serves over 38 million digital subscribers and aggregates and analyzes data from over 700 million VOD transactions per month.

    * Incognito Software, a provider of broadband software provisioning and activation solutions, says that its Summer Conference exhibit will allow attendees to "learn about the latest in IPv6 provisioning, IP address management and service activation including: device provisioning (IPv6, DOCSIS 3.0, PacketCable 2.0, proprietary SIP, [and] ACS support for hybrid cable modems); service activation, mediation and middleware OSS; IPv4/IPv6 address management (IPAM); [and] centralized DNS management."

    * Openet, a provider of "transactional intelligence" for network service providers, says that its Summer Conference demo will show how cable operators can "further monetize" interactive TV services. "Openet will showcase its Subscriber Data Management architecture and Interactive Services Fulfillment solution, demonstrating how cable operators can utilize both to increase ARPU through value-added interactions and extend EBIF- and tru2way-based standard applications to offer subscribers a complete set of 'subscriber aware' personalized promotions and offers," the company states in its press materials. "With specifications like EBIF and tru2way, the potential for increasing ARPU and adding value to immediate purchases and offers that are 'subscriber aware' are significant. Cable operators have the opportunity to capitalize on providing the right offers and recommendations that a user is most likely to purchase. Integrating interactive technology standards with backoffice sources like provisioning, subscriber services, product catalogs, billing services, payment gateways and ecommerce applications gives a full range of possibilities of personalized offers and direct retail purchasing to upgrading monthly TV packages through an EBIF application." According to Openet's director of MVO solutions, Kelly Anderson, "operators are utilizing subscriber data, charging, 'click-to-buy' and fulfillment of flow through provisioning to increase interaction, lower operational support costs and offer targeted and personalized services and pricing, as well as 'Buy Now' content packages. Our flexible software architecture helps operators make every subscriber contact a personalized one," she added. "Our solutions uniquely interact with customers in real time to enable transactional services and allow operators to upsell highly targeted premium content to their subscribers."



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