Allot, Openet enable personalized tiering

December 7, 2010 - Openet

Looking to enable mobile service providers to create highly personalized broadband service tiers, Allot Communications and Openet have joined forces on a joint policy management system that combines the former's Service Gateway and the latter's Policy Manager.

The Allot Service Gateway will perform policy and charging enforcement functions (PCEF), while Openet's Policy Manager will enact policy and charging rules functions (PCRF).

The combined system is designed to improve bandwidth management through the dynamic control and enforcement of network resources with real-time policies based on service, subscriber or usage Click here!. The solution will also enable service providers to offer tiered and personalized subscriber service packages that are highly tailored to the individual subscriber's needs and price points.

Apollo Guy, global vice president of business and market development for Openet, said, "With this joint solution, sophisticated policy capabilities will help solve network congestion issues and enhance the subscriber experience. This is the ultimate goal of all operators, and this partnership provides industry-leading policy capabilities to address their most pressing needs."

The integrated PCEF-PCRF solution, based on 3GPP Policy and Charging Control (PCC) standards and policy enforcement standards for mobile networks, is scalable to fit any network.


By Brian Santo


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