Rethinking how
networks deliver
future value

Networks are shifting in purpose and the value they create is being entirely reimagined. The role of the network has moved beyond connectivity to become a technology ecosystem. Network economics, hyperscaler innovation and the fundamentals of 5G evolution have set out a new future and intelligent networking solutions will make the difference.

From Telco to Techco

Networks are transforming to serve the new tomorrow. Connectivity alone is no longer the defining service. Networks are becoming technology and partnership ecosystems that will serve as the bedrock for all aspects of life.

Moving beyond commodity connectivity and creating new network value is key. From offering novel network services to enabling automated services to private networks at scale, securing the underlying agility to adapt is now the focus. Amdocs Openet networking software solutions enable the transformation of telcos to winning technology companies.

Why us and not others?

Market leader in 5G and cloud policy, charging and NG-OSS software


charging customers


policy customers


customers service provisioning a day


network elements managed by Amdocs OSS

Amdocs Network Value Proposition

Disrupt Now

  • Assert in the market first
  • Launch differentiated services now
  • API first approach for fast integration
  • Ensure a rapid release cadence
  • Out-of-the-box offers ready to go

Ensure Quality

  • Leverage repeatability
  • Actively monitor performance
  • Adapt fast to market changes
  • Create a highly responsive network
  • Guarantee QoS for new services

Innovate Today

  • Enable ‘Platform as a Business’
  • Get the latest features right away
  • Automatically comply with standards
  • Enjoy the newest UI as it comes online
  • Shared community roadmap

Lower Your Cost Base

  • Leverage cloud infrastructure
  • Utilise common offer catalogue
  • Shared code base
  • Reduce TCO with new onboarding
  • Drive cost out of the network

Become the Disruptive Change

Disruptive change requires redefining what we identify networks to be. The creation of new differentiated network assets is only possible with an intelligent software layer that sits above the network to make new services simple to manage and consume.

The telco cloud transformation is here. Networks are diversifying in the value they can create and the applications they can serve. All of the pieces have been thrown up in the air and where they fall is in our hands. Let’s redefine the industry today.