Built for Change

Openet’s mantra is that we are Built for Change. In these uncertain times, it couldn’t be more relevant. Our flexibility and technological excellence enables our customers to reinvent how they engage with their customers.

Our agility means we never let a challenge go undefeated, it means we are there to ensure our customers are able to consistently go the extra mile in supporting the needs of businesses, governments, and societies to stay connected. 

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Openet’s Business Continuity Strategy

Openet, like most organisations in the world has had to adapt in these uncertain times. But Openet could not be in a better position to continue doing business as normal. Openet invested in the best communication tools available for its global team to continue operating to the highest standards we set to ensure our customers have the ability to keep the world connected.

Impact on telecoms

Like never before has there been such a demand for telecommunications. With a large proportion of the global population on lockdown, the strain on networks has been evident with home-schooling, video calls and catching up on the latest series on Netflix. The ability to have control, insight and power to act can have lasting impacts on your business. Openet’s customers can quickly respond to changes by rolling out functionality fast and with little disruption.

What are we doing to help?

We can see that there are three core challenges facing the telecoms industry right now. How you can help your customers to stay connected, how to proactively generate revenue in a climate of economic uncertainty and how to ensure business continuity and emergency handling. We have produced three Business Continuity Whitepapers that will help provide answers to these questions and discuss how to implement new strategies quickly and effectively.

Openet Business Continuity Whitepapers

Every operator around the world has a different focus in these uncertain times. Some operators have been working with local governments to ensure that health/schooling related websites are free rated to ensure people can always access this content. Some operators have given first responders and people on the front line free data. Some operators are trying to ensure that their business stays afloat by looking at ways of generating revenues. Other operators are looking to protect their network and assessing their business continuity strategy because of the importance that such networks provide to a community during times of significant need on this vital piece of infrastructure. Download the papers below to see which strategy best suits your organisation.

Built for change to keep operators ahead

Built for change to keep operators ahead

Proposals to make life better for existing Openet customers.

Built for change to sustain innovation

Built for change to sustain innovation

Innovations for business continuity and emergency handling.

Built for change to keep people connected

Built for change to keep people connected

Proactive and fast-to-market solutions that benefit end-users.

If you want to find out how we can support you during times of unexpected change, contact us and our team will be in touch as soon as possible.