High speed mobile networks, such as LTE, are changing how people use mobile services. Faster networks enable more data services and open up new marketing and revenue generation opportunities. LTE is acting as the catalyst for operators to move away from being circuit switched voice mobile phone companies to data led digital service providers. In many cases voice and texts are now ‘all you can eat’ and data is the differentiator. This impacts how operators generate revenue, and develop and manage services.

With LTE, operators need faster time to market for new offers. They also want real-time communications, charging and controls with all customers to ensure they can offer and manage the range of dynamic services enabled by LTE.

Operator research has shown that old legacy IN based charging and billing systems may struggle to keep up with LTE advances. Many operators are using LTE as a catalyst for system change as they become data centric to enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities enabled in the LTE enabled digital economy.