Jointly Deploy Revenue Generating Policy Use Cases in Under 4 Weeks

Delivering new data services, network optimization solutions and improved customer experience.

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Allot Communications
Western Europe

Openet and Allot Communications have a proven working relationship delivering new data services, network optimization solutions and improved customer experience to operators around the world. Our joint customer, offers 2G, 3G, LTE and fixed network services connected by a satellite backbone. Their key requirement was to enable convergent policy decisions across all of the access networks.

Our Solution

Our solution comprises Openet Express (PCRF) and Allot NetEnforcer (PCEF) providing subscriber, network and application awareness. DPI-based PCEFs are deployed in-line at critical points in the network and all of the out of line functions are running in a virtualized environment enabling our customer to scale and deploy new services independently. It also minimizes their footprint and overall TCO. 
Our joint customer customized fair usage limits, tiered service plans and service passes to meet the particular needs of their subscribers. Due to the flexibility of the pre-integrated solution our customer can continuously review and modify their services to safeguard the value to their fixed and mobile subscribers.

Why MSO's need our solution

  • Enables the convergence of Policy decisions across all access networks
  • Enables real-time monitoring of data roaming usage for prepay and postpay customers to reduce bill shock
  • Enables new revenue streams through usage limit enforcement with intelligent up-sell offers

Together Openet and Allot

  • Deliver subscriber value through the deployment availability of different tiered data plans
  • Significantly reduce time-to-market for new data offers and services
  • Drive additional data usage through innovative offers and packages including zero rated applications as chosen by the operator
  • Improve overall customer experience and engagement