Going Digital - Quickly and Cost Effectively

With 5.3M subscribers and a 39% market share, A1 Telekom Austria is the leading mobile provider in Austria. With a corporate vision of ‘Empowering a Digital Life’ A1 Telekom Austria is an innovator in digitalisation and is powering its business with advanced, real-time solutions. These are providing a level of agility which will enable A1 Telekom Austria to build on its existing market leading position.

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A1 Telekom Austria
Western Europe

In July 2010, the European Union passed legislation that required mobile operators to implement bill shock measures for data roaming in Europe. As the leading telecommunications operator in Austria with over 5.4 million mobile subscribers and 41% market share, A1 Telekom Austria wanted to comply with this legislation and avoid bill shock for its customers.

Meeting this legislation required that data usage and spend are tracked in real-time, and notifications sent to customers when they reach 80% of a pre-defined limit.

Our Solution

Openet supplied Policy Manger and Evolved Charging enabling A1 Telekom Austria to:

  • Manage data usage in real-time for subscribers, and enforce data volume or monetary caps
  • Provide real-time usage records to the incumbent billing system to deliver real-time bill shock controls
  • Notify its subscribers when pre-defined thresholds have been met and offer the option to extend their usage
  • Deliver an innovative roaming shared data offer by providing tapered rating for a group where price is determined based on the accumulated usage
  • Create a range of data bundles and data service passes

Openet integrated their solutions with network equipment from multiple vendors and billing systems, including Amdocs.

As bill shock measures need to be real-time, Openet collects and rates data usage and makes the records available in real-time. This results in significant savings as the billing systems don’t need expensive additions built to enable them to cater for real-time applications such as bill shock controls.

The Results

Met new EU roaming regulations well in advance of the regulatory deadline.

The deployment of Openet Policy Manager and Evolved Charging makes it possible for A1 to benefit from enriched and innovative services that will enhance subscriber experiences. Openet provides A1 with a flexible and secure PCC solution to support the increased use of data services, while providing both new and existing customers with enriched and innovative services that will enhance their experiences. These real-time solutions provide the BSS foundation on which A1 Telekom Austria can move from a leading telecoms provider to a leading digital services provider.