Developing Innovative and Personalised Offers that Increase Usage and Revenue

Openet supplied their Evolved Charging and Policy products for the Meteor and eir brands

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eir is the principal provider of mobile, fixed-line, broadband and IPTV services in Ireland. eir sees mobile data pricing as a key to providing attractive and innovative offers. As such, they needed to provide flexible pricing and promotion models to differentiate themselves in a very competitive and increasingly price driven market. They also needed to be able to offer advanced pricing options that would encourage increase spend (e.g. increased value and frequency of pre-paid credit purchased).

Our Solution

Openet supplied Policy Manager and Evolved Charging to enable eir to:

  • Provide flexible options for zero rating specific content services to make mobile bundles more attractive
  • Deliver real-time up-sell offers upon reaching fair usage limits
  • Provide sophisticated charging & pricing plans in order to offer attractive pricing options that encourage data usage & spend
  • Provide real-time control for customers to encourage usage of the eir app
  • Provide subscription based options, day passes, and data bundles
  • Consolidate post-paid and pre-paid data charging transactions on a single platform

The Results

Openet’s policy and charging solutions are used by eir to support the provision of real-time controls and monetisation for all their mobile customers. They are also used to power innovative use cases, such as zero rating of specific services —such as social media, YouTube and games. This zero-rating of services was part of eir’s ‘More than you can eat data’ offer, which was very successful in growing mobile revenues and the subscriber numbers, as well as providing a value based answer to a competitor’s ‘All you can eat data offer’.

In their Q2 2018 results eir have reported that mobile data traffic has increased by 81% year on year , blended ARPU is up by 4%, and prepay churn is down 0.5%. Openet's charging and policy solutions enable eir to be grow usage and revenues, and reduce churn.

“Working with Openet has enabled us to take significant strides forward on our IT strategy. The team enabled us to deliver a truly innovative 4G capability to our prepaid users in ultra-quick time and with no disruption. Openet’s solutions provide us with a flexible and reliable platform for the future monetization of our 4G services.” Geoff Shakespeare, Managing Director of Technology Evolution and Development, eir.