BT Mobile

BT Mobile sees the fixed line incumbent, which has 25.5 million customers, become a true converged operator offering a full quad-play capability (mobile, fixed broadband, paid TV and fixed telephony services).

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United Kingdom

BT is a truly converged operator offering full quad-play capability (mobile, fixed broadband, paid TV and fixed telephony services). By offering compelling mobile services (as an MVNO on the EE network), BT are able to generate additional revenue and build loyalty within their base.

“Openet were instrumental in enabling us to meet our target launch date. The quality of the resources and technical design supplied by Openet allowed us to work collaboratively to deliver a solution to support the highest customer service quality. We required flexible technology that gives us the ability to react to rapidly changing market conditions. Openet’s virtualized charging solution is perfect for our needs and ensures we have a highly competitive UK market proposition that will help us quickly grow market share.”
Mark O’Flaherty, Director BT Consumer IT

Our Solution

Openet supplied their Evolved Charging Solution to enable BT UK to:

  • Support voice, SMS, MMS and data services with real-time charging events
  • Deliver real-time notifications to subscribers on reaching pre-defined thresholds
  • Service whitelisting to reduce risk from service failure
  • Provide bill suppression functionality to adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Support bundle prioritisation - configure order of allowance depletion where multiple allowances for same usage type (e.g. voice or data)
  • Smoothly handle mid-month billing reconciliation and bundle control where users upgrade mid-month
  • Manage charging transactions for voice, SMS, MMS and data services on a single platform

The Results

Openet deployed their Evolved Charging Solution within extremely tight timelines to allow BT UK to quickly enter the mobile market. By supporting all services (data, content, voice) on a single platform, Openet can effectively control and manage subscriber charging events. The flexibility of solution provides BT with the ability to tailor the platform to meet their particular requirements and rapidly support enhancements to their mobile proposition as the service evolves.