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Reducing Complexity – a new class of integrated systems


CSPs are demanding optimized solutions.   Traditional infrastructure software models based on a multi-month cycle from procurement, configuration, integration, testing through to deployment are no longer suitable for many operators.  To address these issues, IBM and Openet collaborated to run the Openet Express Solution on IBM PureSystems to reduce complexity and drive innovation.

Openet Express Solution, coupled with IBM PureSystems built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified overall experience, provides significant improvements in delivery speeds and reduced operation costs. This includes:

  • Improved efficiency by automating tasks required to handle complex, distributed deployments
  • Cost control through reduced requirements and resources needed to manage operational tasks e.g.  reducing the need to start and stop instances to perform system upgrades and patches
  • Simplified solution and deployment environments, by standardising and simplifying complex distributed environments to ensure a higher level of consistency  between deployments

Openet is at the forefront of a new category of software that blends IT and Network requirements to deliver market leading PCC solutions.  Openet’s transaction management software represents a fundamental break from legacy B/OSS in terms of solution delivery, total cost of ownership and operational agility.  Openet Express Solutions, running on IBM PureSystems, deliver pre-configured use cases through simple, defined interfaces that enable a fast tracked and packaged deployment. Openet Express Solutions running on IBM PureSystems ensures rapid deployment, reduces the risk of manual errors and configuration overhead.  The objectives of these packaged solutions to speed time to market and ease of operation are well aligned with those of IBM PureSystems.

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