Most subscribers switch operators because of a poor customer experience, not because of lower prices from competitors.

Openet’s vision for a better customer experience centers around Dynamic Services: enabling the customer to interactively choose exactly the mix of services appropriate for them, with flexibility to easily update the mix to reflect changing needs and context.

Dynamic Services isn’t a static set of use cases adopted the same way by every operator. It’s about empowering customers to interact with operator services. Examples include allowing subscribers to buy a mix of talk, text, and data; introducing dynamic pricing based on time of day or special events; offering “all you can eat” access to specific services; and sharing purchases between devices, family members, and even friends.   

To realize the potential of these opportunities, operators need systems that coordinate back-end policy systems, charging systems, and product catalogs and enable a seamless interactive experience directly on a subscriber’s device. Openet is delivering these solutions today.