Digital transformation and 5G - A new approach to charging that is ready for the world of 5G

According to a recent TMF report, up to 72% of 5G revenue growth is dependent on transformation of operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS). Then, there’s also the on-going digital transformation that every operator is going through. Not to mention the usual suspects of faster time to market, the need to sell a wide range of digital services, and the need to manage increasingly complex value chains. Openet has produced a detailed white paper on what monetisation needs to provide for digital and 5G services.

Download this paper to learn:

  • How payments and charging work together to allow your customers to easily buy any service from operators
  • How to use charging as the central point to manage the wider digital value chain and enable new business models
  • How charging can turn the promise of 5G into revenue and minimise the risk with the uncertainty of 5G