Digital Transformation

A Game Changing Approach to BSS Transformation

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A Game Changing Approach to BSS Transformation

Openet provides an open approach that is designed around the service providers’ needs to quickly manage and monetise digital services. Our approach gets rid of expensive and inflexible vendor lock-in and gives service providers the tools to compete and win in the digital services market.


Openet provides different options for service providers to transform their BSS to be fully ‘digital’ and ready for 5G. We can provide adjunct systems to existing BSS legacy stacks, to help service providers ‘sweat existing BSS assets’, or we provide straight replacement of legacy systems as well as offer a full end to end Digital OSS / BSS stack for greenfield sites (such as MVNEs / MVNOs and Digital first sub brands) or as separate ‘digital first’ second stacks to run alongside legacy. We also provide co-developed systems where the service provider’s IT team and Openet work together, using DevOps, to develop Digital BSS solutions based on Openet’s library of microservices.

Digital Transformation

Delivering Game Changing Results

Openet’s customers see significant results. A tier 1 service provider who implemented Openet Evolved Charging as a real-time charging adjunct to a billing system reported 70% faster time to market. Another service provider used Openet charging and policy functionality to provide real-time contextual offer management. The result: a 28% increase in uptake in marketing offers. Openet’s Digital BSS delivers more that technology innovation - it drives game changing results.

Our Digital BSS Products

All Openet Digital BSS products are built for the telco cloud, are real-time and are fully open in design.

Openet provides the following products:

Openet Evolved Charging

Real-time convergent charging for digital and 5G services

Openet Policy Controller

Network policy control for next gen fixed, mobile and converged networks

Openet Digital Business Platform

End to end Digital BSS/OSS stack containing Openet and our partners’ products.

Openet Data Fabric

Data management, data processing and data governance solution designed to collect and manage data at 5G volumes in real-time

Openet Expertise

Leverage Openets strategic expertise to deliver business value