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Openet Digital Platforms: the fast alternative

Going Digital is about executing more efficiently, running your business through digital channels, being ready to sell a wide range of new content and services, and being able to quickly try new business models and enter new markets.

In order to do this services providers are upgrading their software stacks to real-time, automated digital platforms.

Many service providers are launching Digital First sub brands and using Openet’s Digital Platforms to be digital ready in weeks with an end to end Digital BSS / OSS stack.

Openet's Digital Business Platform provides digital BSS and our Digital Network and Operations Platform delivers digital OSS and core network functions.

Some other service providers have heavily invested in large scale BSS transformation projects that will take five years to complete.  As a plan B many service providers are implementing agile end to end Digital Platforms in parallel  that get them digital ready in as little as 14 weeks. This lets them continue with the large BSS transformation project without worrying about how they’ll monetise new digitals services or provide personalised customer engagement over digital channels.   

Openet Digital Platforms

Openet Digital Business Platform provides the following:

Digital Experience – this is the customer interface of the Digital Business Platform. People use their mobile devices as the remote control for their lives. The experience layer enables AI driven real-time interaction to customers for omnichannel care, CEM and loyalty management and offer activation.

Digital Engagement – this provide personalised engagement with relevant, real-time offers, contextual marketing in order to increase marketing efficiency and make operators more relevant to their customers.

Digital Enablement - this is the workhorse of the Digital Business Platform and contains digital BSS functions. This also contains Openet’s Forge Digital Enablement Platform, which is a microservices based platform. This allows service providers to quickly develop new solutions from Openet’s library of microservices.

Openet Digital Network and Operations Platform

This platform integrates with the Digital Business Platform. It provides the Digital OSS, core network operations and management functions.


Openet provides the solutions that can be provided as an end to end Digital Business Platform as well as an integrated Digital Networks and Operations Platform.  Using a modular, API driven approach serviced providers can select which platform components they want and add new solutions when needed. This drives a faster, cost effective approach to digital transformation.