Openet Data enables the integration of all data sources into a common format, processing and enriching this data to action purposeful data sets to meet specific business needs. Data sources encompass all manner of telecom access networks (wireless, fibre, satellite, cable) and a multiplicity of external sources (sensors and connected objects) as required. The platform provides a unified funnel, consolidating all source data into a centralised ingestion function for real-time processing and distribution.


Openet empowers businesses to better manage and harness value from their data. Crunching data at scale in real time delivers actionable insights on how the business is performing from every angle. Transforming data from any source and enriching it across data streams provides a multi-dimensional view of service consumption and service performance. Unlock the data bank to truly understand how your business is delivering for success.


Openet Data Fabric allows for cloud-based event processing at scale and in real-time to deliver concrete value from data – fast. In a native cloud environment, Openet surpassed the processing of 1 trillion data events per day or 11.5 million events per second. Surpassing this significant threshold for cloud-based event processing demonstrates that Openet in the cloud can comfortably support telecom network grade volumes of activity in real-time.

“To put this achievement into perspective, Google processes approx. 3.5 billion searches per day, which extrapolates to 1.2 trillion searches per year.” – Michael O’Sullivan, Global VP Technology & Customer Support at Openet

1 trillion events


drive value from data

Collect data from any sources and apply rapid processing intelligence to answer specific questions about the business:


Is this service being delivered?

Is this service making money?

Is there any revenue leakage?

Is there upsell opportunity?


As 5G  brings with it a data avalanche, operators need the ability to scale responsively. Openet Data Fabric represents a fully decomposed, microservices-based, event-driven architecture which allows for deployment flexibility based on the aspirations of the business at a given time. Additional microservices can be introduced incrementally as and when required by the business. Openet Data Fabric boasts a fully cloud native design, allowing for agile scalability with a much lower cost to serve than traditionally possible with Big Stack players. In this way, Openet Data Fabric empowers operators to deliver continuous innovation unconstrained by technology.

Data fabric


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