Openet’s primary focus is on providing our customers with quality products and services in the most effective and efficient manner.  Delivering value in all of our solutions and offerings is paramount and therefore achieving and even surpassing our customers’ requirements continues to be a major part of the definition of quality within Openet.

Openet places a strong emphasis on quality design, utilizing problem phase containment practices (i.e. addressing issues in the phase they occur rather than waiting to address in a later phase which requires re-work leading to higher costs)  to build quality into our products and processes. Our systematic approach to product design, development and test are key practices used at Openet in helping us determine customer needs along with the internal protocol needed to assure product quality.

By including customers in the solution development process, we prioritize their business requirements and deploy review and approval processes that limit deviation from established requirements. All our products are developed to Openet standards and undergo thorough testing to assure conformance to requirements and rigorous design specifications. Additional test verification and validation are included in every Openet deployed solution to assure compliance with industry standards and customer specifications. Our quality approach extends to post delivery services and support as well – all Openet products and delivered solutions are fully warranted and supported per the terms of the engagement contract in place.  Openet has a strong reputation in the marketplace for not only delivering innovative solutions to our customers’ most complex business challenges, but also for fully standing behind our products and solutions.

Openet is thoroughly committed to the development and delivery of quality products and services which are trusted the world over. Openet has consistently delivered top quality products and services throughout the globe and has received numerous accolades from customers, industry experts and media sources. Our internal Quality Policy defines and underscores the principle of developing, producing, and delivering superior quality solutions to the marketplace and our Quality Management System assures that we have the enterprise wide processes and procedures in place to assure the quality standard is adhered to throughout the company.

This management commitment is in place to ensure Openet operates in a manner consistent with published quality standards (e.g. ISO, CMMI, etc.).

Quality Objectives:

The specific quality objectives that drive Openet’s Quality Management System are as follows:

Demand aggressive customer focus and commitment to meet or exceed requirements and expectations

  • Strive for delivery of defect-free products on time, every time
  • Insist on expedient response to customer’s needs or issues, with rapid recovery
  • Promote continuous improvement of processes, methodologies, and procedures
  • Invest in a highly skilled, motivated workforce focusing on continued training and professional development
  • Sustain a high level of communication among employees at and between all levels

Openet considers Quality Management and the maintenance of an effective Quality Management System to be a critical and an iterative process, requiring ongoing review and adjustment.  As a result, updates and adjustments to our Statement of Quality may become necessary.  While this site will be maintained to ensure this statement remains current and accurate, please feel free to contact us at info@ at any time for further information on our overall Quality Statement.

Niall Norton
CEO, Openet