Evidence abounds that the impacts of global climate change is one of the most critical issues facing us today. Openet, founded and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is committed to acting responsibly with regard to the environmental impact of our operations. Steps are taken throughout our global operations to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, to minimize solid waste, and to maximize the efficiency with which scarce resources are utilized.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Openet reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses in our operations by:

Promoting the efficient use of energy

Openet’s office facilities in Dublin, Ireland; Reston, Virginia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are located in modern, well managed office complexes:

  • Power systems, heating, and air conditioning systems and main lighting systems in all of our locations are electronically controlled and set to ensure maximum efficiency and minimize wasted energy
  • The power for our Corporate Headquarters building in Dublin is supplied by Airtricity (http://www.airtricity.com/ireland), a green energy provider which harnesses wind power to produce the energy supply
  • In the United States, all desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, etc. are purchased with Energy Star* compliance when available
  • All staff are requested to switch off PCs and monitors in the evenings
  • All personal heaters and fans are prohibited given the high energy usage value

*This ensures energy savings when equipment is being used and performing a range of tasks, as well as when it is in standby

Supporting alternate employee commute options

A majority of Openet employees have the tools and opportunity to perform their job functions away from established office locations. Approximately 20% of Openet employees worldwide work full-time in situations that do not require them to travel to a specific office location. This eliminates roughly 15,000 roundtrip commutes per annum.

In Ireland, Openet participates in two government sponsored environmental programs that provide tax advantages to the company and participating employees for pursuing alternative commute options:

Openet will continue to look for and promote programs which encourage alternative commuting options for our global workforce.

Minimizing Solid Wastes by Promoting Recycling and Reducing Paper Usage

Recycling is encouraged in all of Openet’s office locations:

  • Openet recycles all paper and cardboard waste. Sensitive company documents are firstly shredded on-site and then recycled.
  • Openet recycles all aluminium cans, light metals, cartons, paper bags, and plastic bottles
  • Ink toners and cartridges used within the building are recycled (In Dublin these items are collected by the Temple Street Hospital charity to recycle, from which they derive monetary benefit)
  • All fluorescent lighting is recycled
  • Electrical waste such as monitors, PCs, phones, and Blackberries are recycled in accordance with local laws and ordinances
  • In Ireland, all stamps from incoming mail are removed and either given to charity, or employees to pass on to schools involved in the Green Schools Program
  • In our offices, we avoid using disposable cups or utensils to minimize the unnecessary waste created through the use of these products
  • The dishwashers, etc are used on the Eco cycle and are run only on full capacity

Additionally internal communiqués: processes, procedures, presentations, etc. are created, stored, and delivered electronically which drastically reduces the amount of paper consumed company wide.

Travel Reduction

Openet is a global company with customers and teams operating on 5 continents. While business travel is required to support our customers, teams, and remote operations, Openet is a prolific user of teleconferencing and on-line meeting services. During 2008 Openet logged in excess of 13,300 hours of on-line, interactive, and collaborative meetings company wide. Holistically, our utilization of such tools reduce the potential need for week long business travel by as many as 330 trips per annum.

Commitment to Constant Improvement

As in other areas Openet considers that effective environmental responsibility requires an on-going process of awareness and a commitment to continue to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

This page will continue to be updated as our efforts evolve. Please feel free to contact us at info@openet.com at any time for further information on our current efforts regarding Environmental Responsibility.