At Openet, we take our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen very seriously. As an industry leading solutions provider, we are mindful to act in a manner that serves the interests of our customers, employees, investors, and the communities across the globe in which we operate.

To that end, we regularly publish statements regarding what we are doing in the areas of:

As our business continues to grow so too our products, solutions, and business relationships continue to evolve along with our commitment to the concept and ideals of Corporate Responsibility.

At Openet we consider our commitment to Corporate Responsibility to be a critical, iterative process requiring ongoing review and adjustment. As a result, updates and adjustments to our Statement of Corporate Responsibility may be necessary. This site will be maintained to ensure this and all related statements and any associated documentation remain current and accurate.

We invite you to contact us at info@ if you have questions or need for further information about our stance on Corporate Responsibility outlined herein.

Niall Norton

CEO, Openet