Digital services have changed the rules of telecoms monetisation. Flexible data offers, new content services, new business models are here to stay. Customers are fast becoming ‘digital first’’. This changes how charging systems need to work. Convergence and 5G will take this rate of change to another level. B2C, IoT, B2B and B2B2X opportunities need charging systems to be more agile that ever before. Openet’s Evolved Charging Suite is a cloud-native, real-time system where configuration replaces customisation. This means faster time to market, with reduced operating costs and the agility to meet change head on.


Openet's charging suite delivers results that drive growth. Described as 'game changer' by leading analysts, Openet charging is rated the most innovative and agile system in the market. Options for deployment are ultra flexible. Start small or think big from the offset. Be ready for change.

Bench-marked as Best

Benchmarked as best in class by world-leading Operators.

Built for Cloud

Built using microservices for demanding cloud environments.

Easy-to Use for Opex Control

Designed with your team’s needs and extreme flexibility in mind.

Synergies with Policy (PCC)

More power and ease of control in mind if you need to include Policy Control.


Charging is about much more than enabling payment. It’s about creating news services and being able to rapidly roll them out quickly and cost effectively. It’s about giving the customer many different options how they pay for services and it’s about providing the intelligence that drives the product lifecyle.



Helping Globe turn the Philippines into the digital capital of the world

Globe runs Openet’s Evolved Charging suite to monetise its data services. Openet charging system has enabled Globe to reduce its time to market by 40%.

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Real-time charging for 4G and content services

T-Mobile Netherlands, Openet Evolved Charging Solutions with real-time rating and charging proving customers with full transparency.

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Enabling first to market, driving best customer experience

Magenta (formerly T-Mobile Austria) uses Openet Evolved Charging Solutions, enabling them to quickly develop and launch new offers and services.

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Monetisation in the era of 5G


Monetisation in the era of 5G

How to turn 5G opportunities into revenue. Openet teamed up with Omdia, leading analyst firm to produce a white paper on 5G monetisation. This paper discusses what operators need to do in order to be ready for new 5G opportunities and convert these into revenue.