Enabling Service Providers to Keep their Brand Promises
Your brand is critical to everything you do. Marketplace success can only be driven by a consistent brand experience to differentiate your service and fight utilization. Enabling the Digital, Honest, Simple brand that you aspire to be means giving your customers real-time digital engagement from right across their interface points. You need to work around the myriad systems in place in order to deliver the real-time customer value that delivers on your brand promise and builds more relevance and trust with their customers.

Service Providers and their Brands – Making a Difference
Service providers need to deliver on their brand promise every hour of every day. Whether it involves delivering simplicity, openness, trust or the best experience service providers look to differentiate themselves by delivering on their brand. In the instant world of social media, service providers are being judged on their ability to live up to their brand every day. If you promote honesty in your brand and then overbill your customers, the damage to brand, trust and revenue can be significant.

Legacy IT and Mega Vendors – May Harm your Brand
But how can service providers enable their customers to experience the service that the brand promises when they are hindered by old, expensive BSS, or dealing with change request fixated vendors who deliver expensive software when it suits them (and not the service provider).

Openet – Enabling Service Providers to Deliver on their Brand Promise
Openet’s real-time and automated solutions provide the data and the actions to enable service providers to deliver their brand promise. To be open and honest requires giving people access to real-time information. Something as simple as letting people know their balance in real-time builds trust. Giving customers offers that are relevant to them (not just spamming customers) and hits home with their values helps customers relate to their service provider.

Enabling a Consistent Experience
Delivering a consistent experience reinforces brand messaging. But to do so requires real-time, automated systems that collect data in real-time and provide automated actions that ensure the optimum experience. This could be automated network capacity management that uses machine learning to predict ‘busy periods’ to ensure a consistent network experience. Or it could be providing real-time usage data to a range of systems to ensure a ‘single version of the truth’ to support a consistent omni-channel strategy.