Transformation: What could go wrong?

May 27, 2020 - Martin Morgan

What could go wrong? Quite a lot and it could be serious. This blog looks at the risks and challenges of transformation.

Digital transformation is a scary subject for many companies. A lot could go wrong. Indeed for many transformation projects a lot has gone wrong, with billion dollar investments being lost and the resultant job losses as shareholders look for someone to blame. So given the track record of transformation initiatives, perhaps it’s worth looking at what could go wrong at the start of the project and taking steps to minimise the risk of failure up front.

At start of any transformation strategy service providers need to look at the areas of their businesses that could be impacted by an unsuccessful transformation and what it would mean. They also need to look at the challenges in each of these areas and ensure that the transformation strategy address each of these areas and that it minimises risk of failure.

TM Forum and Openet recently produced a white paper on minimising the risks in BSS transformation. In this paper the ‘what could go wrong’ view was taken across a telecoms business and risks were analysed across operational, financial and customer affecting areas. These risks were them mapped against the number of challenges that service providers face when transforming.

The tables below call out the risks and common challenges for operational, financial and customer affecting areas of a service providers business and highlights the areas impacted.

This analysis by TM Forum, shows that the potential risks for things to go wrong in a digital transformation project are significant and impact all areas of a service providers business. The good news is that real progress is being made and advances like Open Digital Architecture, the move to Cloud-Native and Digital APIs provides much more choice and freedom for service providers in implementing a digital transformation strategy. The Openet / TM Forum whitepaper on Minimising Risk in BSS Transformation provides answers on how service providers can make transformation as pain free as possible and learns from the collective industry experience and expertise of the TM Forum. 

To download the TM Forum / Openet white paper – Minimising Risk in BSS Transformation click here.


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