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TMF Digital Transformation World: Catalyst projects showcasing collaboration and innovation

One of the main benefits of TMF is the opportunity to work with innovative service providers and vendors to turn ideas into solutions as part of TMF’s catalyst projects. At TMF Digital Transformation World (Nice, 14 -16 May) Openet is working on two catalyst projects. These are:

  1. Blockchain Unleashed

This catalyst looks at how blockchain can be used to save time and money for management of roaming CDRs. Entering roaming CDRs into a blockchain as a ledger between the subscriber’s roaming network and their home network allows for the automated reconciliation of roaming agreements. Blockchain would enable a global ledger where roaming CDRs are accounted for. This could cover all roaming customers for all telecoms service providers. By having blockchain as the trusted audit for roaming traffic would result in reduced IPX costs for roaming traffic. In this case blockchain would replace the existing interchange and reconciliation process for roaming CDRs.

Openet are working with Globe Telecom and several other service providers in this project.

  1. Smart Customer Assistance Platform

The focus of this catalyst is to demonstrate how typically inefficient support channels can be automated to provide effective customer service. In a digital first world, if a customer has a service problem or query then they want quick resolution and want it with minimum effort regardless of their preferred channel of engagement. Contacting Customer Service Representatives (CSR) might solve the problem but is usually a lengthy activity and, a costly service to provide for the service providers.  Now service providers offer social media support, mobile apps, chat-bots and e-mail as an alternative and this catalyst looks at taking customer assistance to the next level on the most difficult. It will demonstrate two use cases in its first release for smart customer assistance. These are:

Use case 1: To demonstrate the effectiveness of a smart customer assistance platform which leverages network context and artificial intelligence to automate personalized problem resolution. The solution automates the processing and responses to emails.

Use case 2: Taking advantage of subscriber intel (e.g. usage and entitlements, travel history, average spend, churn risk, social media user, payment type, bill cycle stage etc.) to further enhance the experience by automating relevant and personalized product offering delivery, in context, as part of a digital user journey.

The catalysts aims to exploit the natural synergies between Openet, Etiya, Innova and of course the catalyst sponsor, Turk Telekom.

As well as demonstrating these catalyst projects Openet will also be demonstrating their Digital Business Platform on stand 310. In addition Openet’s GM of consulting, Tony Regan will be co-presenting with Vincent Seet, Head of Architecture of Globe Telecom on OSS / BSS future architecture. Part of the future BSS architecture includes having Open APIs at the heart of any digital platform. This view has long been upheld by Openet and our commitment to open ecosystems and APIs has been recognised by the fact that Openet has been shortlisted for a TMF Excellence Award for Open APIs.

TMF has come a long way in the past few years. Digital Transformation World promise to be an informative and interesting event. If you’re going to be there call by stand 310 and see how Openet is changing the BSS game.