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The Top 5 Themes of MWC19 Los Angeles

By October 2, 2019 No Comments

As we are fast approaching MWC19 Los Angeles, we take a look back at last year’s event and then see what the main talking points are on this year’s show. First and foremost, the name of the event has changed. There was the change from MWC Americas to MWC Los Angeles which is in line with the global update of the MWC events. The other key stand out memory from last year was that it was like a race by the big operators to announce that they are live with 5G. A year on, the event is very much focused on 5G, but at least this time we are a bit clearer about the roll out of 5G. Also we can see now what 5G is capable of.

So looking at the program of talks and summits at the show, it’s clear to see what the hot topics are.

  1. Entertainment and Content

It’s a no brainer that entertainment is high on the radar with content being so important to the success of 5G from the ordinary consumer. Last year, there were talks about watching live sports events through VR headsets, it will be interesting to see how immersive entertainment will extend to this time. With recent launches of Google Stadia, I wonder will we see more examples of how this technology will work over 5G. This is one of the main reasons why this show is in Los Angeles so that the heavy weights of the media/content industry can show up to discuss the future of the industry from a content point of view.

  1. Connected Vehicles

The connected vehicle is another huge talking point. How will autonomous vehicle technology impact on cities and the information flow between all of the connected devices. Then autonomous driving aside, the ability to have a hyper connected vehicle giving real-time updates on traffic, weather etc. But it’s also about how operators can help companies with large fleets of vehicles be more efficient by a constant two way flow of data.

  1. IOT, Smart Cities and Smart buildings

The future of telecoms technology is more than the devices what we engage with in our hands. Cities and businesses need to capitalise on the technology in order to drive efficiency, sustainability and ultimately ROI. As the number of connections on a network will grow exponentially over the coming years, operators need to have the controls in place to ensure quality of service. Ultimately operators will have to have control available to monetise and leverage this upcoming tidal wave of connected devices.

  1. AI

AI is not just a buzz term, but a reality for a lot of businesses and operators. There are a lot of questions about ethics of using AI but as long as it’s transparent and open to scrutiny then there shouldn’t be any issue. AI done in the right way can be very powerful for operators who are trying to streamline their organisations but at the same time offer customer experience that’s competing with the OTT’s.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR over the last number of years has become increasingly important for organisations. Although it’s not called out as a specific topic at the show, there are a number of themes which fall under this category. These range from how 5G technology can help drive a greener environment. Others include digital therapeutics, inclusion, representation and diversity. Also how 5G can impact on global security concerns and ensuring that first responders can have quick access to their own dedicated network/network slice.


Of course there are a myriad of topics that will encapsulate how the industry has evolved in the 12 months since the last show. As 5G continues to roll out, there are many exciting use cases on the rise and a bit clearer how operators can monetise their 5G investments.

Openet will be at MWC19 Los Angeles. To find out what Openet has to offer in terms of 5G, get in touch with us to meet at the show by emailing or drop by stand 1250 in the south hall to meet the team.