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Operators are embracing BSS virtualisation

By August 7, 2014 No Comments

Operators are beginning to virtualize their network operations using network functions virtualization (NFV). However the related benefits will only be fully realised if the BSS is also virtualized and able to provide the flexibility required.  A successful virtualization strategy also requires partnership with vendors with domain expertize and library of tested use cases to accelerate innovation and service launch.

Operators are in fact embracing BSS virtualization to enable rapid service innovation, learn fast processes and new business models. A recent survey by Intelligence (Operators’ BSS Strategies) showed that two thirds of operators have deployed or are planning to deploy virtualized BSS by 2016.

Overall, virtualization accelerates the cycle of innovation and the time to market for new services. As an example, a tier one North American mobile operator is now able to introduce services in days which previously would have taken months without virtualization. In Europe, Telefonica has indicated its UNICA virtualization infrastructure can reduce deployment times from about 4 months to less than 4 days. Another high profile virtualization strategy is AT&T’s Domain 2.0 initiative which is driving improved time-to-revenue as well as cost efficiencies.

It is likely that even more operators will adopt BSS virtualization over time as the number of deployments increases and the promises of BSS virtualization are realised.






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